Badge Challenge Build Part 13

Once I designed a machine, I need a case to put it all in.

Time to build a big box.

The design of the case / box only had one big requirment, the keys / buttons need to be at a distance such that one person can't turn both keys.

Plywood comes in 2.4 meter sheets, so a box that is 2.4m long was easy.

2.4m x 12mm plywood ready for cutting up.

Cutting up plywood was nothing fancy, a stright edge and a skillsaw.
Plywood cut down to 4 sections of 2.4m by 500mm.

Use a router to cut nice hole for keypad.

Add some holes for keys and override buttons, then it's just a case of nailing to box togeather and adding some paint.
Spray on some green paint.

Install the internal wiring and Raspberry Pi.