Badge Challenge Build Part 12

The last of the puzzles from the badge challenge.<p>

Once you found the code in the CTF network and leaqrn to read python, you can figure out how to turn target cordantes into valadation codes.

If you txt in the answer to the target code probelm, you get one of two location based problems, either go to a pub and hack some wifi or go to a pub and collect a breifcase.

The wifi system was called downlink and had a password of "password", that wifi had a single page of HTML, the page gave a token that you could txt in for points, and also get the hint that the tagert cordnates are in the HTML.
The Breifcase was a bit easer, you got a locked breifcase, which when opened gave you a set of keys.

At this point you and a member of your team have all the things needed to launch the nuke's at the offical target.

First to launch wins!