Badge Challenge Build Part 11

This post will cover this red break cards, the plastic authentication biscuits.

This Youtube of opening of wargames shows the use of the break cards, this is what I used as a reference.

The red break cards are often called Biscuits but my research shows that the real name is Sealed Authenticator System, but during my work I called then biscuits.

It turns out you can't buy them anywhere, trust me I looked.

So I decided to make my own from laser cut plastic.

First prototype of biscuit.

The glue joint is very fogged and white, this is because I used superglue. The final design used plasic welding using Weld-On 4

This youtube link give a good introduction to using weld-on 4.

Each card is made up from 3 layers of 2mm acrylic, 120mm X 75mm.

The middle layer is done as two C shaped bits that almost meet up.

The outer layers have a deep etching line down the middle that helps it snap.

Inside the biscuit is two bits of red card, the top layer has a challenge code, the bottom layer has the responce code.

Here is a link to my SVG that give you the size and shape needed.

Making the first few biscuits.

Making 210 biscuits.

Finished biscuit.

Biscuit broken open.


Raw SVG file for laser cutting

Youtube link, introduction to using weld-on 4.