Badge Challenge Build Part 10

This one is all about the next puzzle.<p>

If you watched the youtube video you would have got a code to acknowledge orders.

When you txt that code to your handler you will get a message that the network is open, That network was the CTF network at kiwicon.

NOTE: we had a technical fault with our command an control system, and not all people got the txt about the network being open.

There was a sticker on the end of the console that said www.stark.tr0n

On the CTF network the www.stark.tr0n host had a tarball.

If you pull apart the tar and have a read of the python you can get a good understanding of how it all works.

This is the bit of code that matters most:

Drill = hashlib.md5("Drill"+LatUser+LonUser).hexdigest()
Live = hashlib.md5("Live"+LatUser+LonUser).hexdigest()
DrillCode = str(int(Drill,16))[:8]
LiveCode = str(int(Live,16))[:8]

NOTE: The internal storage of LatUser and LonUser are stored without the decimal point.

The next question from your handler is:
if the target was at -023.56 , +031.6247
what is the Live Fire Code?


The python code from the CTF network.