Badge Challenge Build Part 6

This post will look at next steps in the badge puzzle.

If you followed along with part 4 you should have solved the puzzle in the book.

The decoded page

Good day operator, you and your fellow team members have been
activated for a mission of utmost importance. Previous years' attempts
to activate deep cover operators like yourself via methods such as
audio encoded SlowScan on cassette tapes have yielded extremely
talented but highly chaotic assets so we're trying a new approach.

We are currently operating under EMCON ZULU, standard civilian grade
encryption is adequate unless advised otherwise.

Further instructions will be made available once contact with your
handler has been established by sending your agent number by SMS to
this number +Six Four Two
Seven One Zero Zero Zero Seven Seven Two Two.

Your handler's call-sign is D.Roc
The word of the week is "Bluejay"
The colour of the day is "Puce".
The other thing is "Taihape".

Friendly assets are operating under cover on the ground in your
mission area. Their Sign is a KiwiCon Volunteer Lanyard openly worn
around their neck, your CounterSign is any valid KiwiCon Lanyard
openly worn around your neck. Should you need additional intelligence,
make contact as/when you deem appropriate.

Final identity verification shall be via your issued KiwiCon passes
once you have made contact with sufficient elements from your team.

Rules of engagement:

Operators are not to engage or otherwise open contact with any
non-participatory agents in the field, this operation is to be
considered black unless advised otherwise.

To reduce the risk of political blowback in the event of a mission
failure, all local laws must be adhered to throughout your mission. If
you are in doubt, contact your handler or a friendly asset with
sufficient clearance to advise you.

Do not engage hostile operators in the field, you may evade or outwit
as you deem appropriate for the situation. Disruption of enemy
activity via information warfare is encouraged, provided it is
performed within these rules of engagement.

A briefing pack covering these rules in further detail has been
prepared by expert local intelligence officers, read and absorb:

A breach any of the RoE will result in your being immediately stood
down from active duties pending a disciplinary hearing.

Good luck operator, we're all counting on you. If you and your team
are successful in your mission you can expect great recognition and
rewards in your future.

End of Message


If you then send a txt message to +642710007722 you will be asked for your operator ID.

NOTE: The phone number is no-longer active.

Please txt your operator ID.
ID is six digit number starting with 9, found on your badge.

When you txt back your six digit code you are given a link to one of two PDF's

Welcome handle. 
You need to watch a briefing video.


Welcome handle. 
You need to watch a briefing video.

The PDF's give a block of hex and talk about a onetime pad.