Badge Challenge Build Part 2

In this post I will cover the design of the badge challenge game.

This year the first idea was a puzzle that would need people to work together, a puzzle that can't be solved by one person alone.

The plan was to have hex code on the badges so people had to collect the set.

After much discussion with Alzeih, we decided that badges with part of the code on each badge overlapping with the next.


This could then become the base of a one-time pad.
The hex on the badge can be random, so long as we create the correct hex for the other half of the one-timepad.

For the people who are following along at home the codes on the badges are:

  • 143A30B84E5C
  • B84E5C3FD7BC
  • 3FD7BC78D950
  • 78D950A27BCD
  • A27BCDC18528
  • C18528B1799D
  • B1799D79082A
  • 79082AD41C08
  • D41C0883D634